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Our hair care product lines have been produced to become essential items in daily hair care, through sincere investigation on the essence of washing.
The line is named “CHAIN”.
We hope to deliver hair care that is based on science;
to establish strong ties among customers, retailers, and producers;
and to make the products essential items for maintaining the inherent beauty of hair.
The appropriate amount of washing will lead to brilliance tomorrow.


The name of the line was taken after “food chain”,
based on the concept with the sun as the primary source,
that the ecosystem will collapse if any of the producers,
consumers or decomposers are lacking.


Helping consumers exercise
their true brilliance,
rather than artificial beauty

We hope that consumers do not run after “hot” ingredients or are influenced by advertisements.
Our hair care lines have been developed through careful examination of ingredients that are absolutely necessary for hair care,
rather than producing temporary superficial beauty. We aim at producing hair care products that completely
satisfy both customers who use them and retailers who sell them. We would like to offer these products everyone
who is not satisfied with the existing hair care products, in search of “true beauty”.

  • Appropriate hair care

    In principle, care should be universal and common to all people,
    regardless of gender, age or condition.
    We believe that the essence of hair care has not changed
    from 100 years ago and will stay the same for the next 100 years.
    The role of hair soap in hair care is to remove dirt and
    reset the conditions of the scalp and hair, without robbing
    them of moisture (protective barrier). The role of a hair pack is to
    supplement hair with protective ingredients (lipids).
    It is essential to continue basic care for hair as well.

  • Appropriate relationship

    We hope to provide the correct explanation about products,
    face to face with customers. We hope that customers will use
    our products after being reassured of their effectiveness.
    We would also like to ask for feedback upon their next visit to the shop,
    and respond to them as professionals.
    This is why our products are only sold at specialized shops,
    and are not available by online shopping or by mail order.
    We are sorry for the inconvenience.