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  • When I used CHAIN hair soap, my hair got coarse and stiff.

    CHAIN hair soap uses an amino acid as the main washing ingredient. Depending on the washing ingredients in the shampoo you have been using, your hair may become temporarily coarse after switching to an amino acid shampoo. Even if it occurs, your hair will get used to the amino acid shampoo in approximately one week at the earliest to one month, so please continue using it.

  • I heard that an amino acid shampoo does not lather well.

    Although amino acid shampoos are considered to lather relatively poorly, it is possible to enhance lathering through the blending balance and materials of washing ingredients. CHAIN hair soap produces fine, smooth and elastic lather that is ideal for shampooing. If it lathers poorly, a styling agent or dirt may be heavily present. In this case, please shampoo twice.

  • My hair feels very moist with the hair soap only. Is it necessary to use the hair pack as well?

    CHAIN hair soap uses an amino acid called “TEA-cocoyl glutamate” as the main washing ingredient. Because the amino acid has a high moisturizing effect, many customers say that hair soap by itself provides high moistness. However, it is necessary to supplement lipids to revitalize hair, and therefore it is more effective to use the CHAIN hair pack in combination.

  • I got itchiness in the scalp. Is it an allergic reaction?

    An allergic reaction occurs systemically, and it is unlikely to occur in one region only. Apply CHAIN hair soap to a body part other than the scalp, and see whether the same reaction occurs. If it does, an allergic reaction is possible, so please stop using the product immediately. If the same reaction does not occur, possible causes for the scalp itchiness include inadequate rinsing, residual dirt, and a reduced protective function of the scalp. Temporary itchiness may also occur after switching from strong degreasing ingredients to CHAIN hair soap.


  • My hair got heavy after washing. Is there a good way to resolve this?

    The hair pack contains a concentrated amount of lipids for the purpose of revitalizing your hair. Hair is more heavily damaged at its end, and the hair at its root is less damaged. Directly apply CHAIN hair pack to the end of your hair, and extend and rub it into the root, thereby adjusting the quantity and concentration of the application.

  • My scalp got itchy.

    Inadequate rinsing may be the cause of itchiness. Because the hair pack contains a concentrated amount of lipids, rinse it more effectively than your usual rinsing. The essential ingredients are not washed away even after thorough rinsing. Inadequate rinsing will make the scalp moist causing itchiness.

  • I heard that silicones are not bad for hair.

    We consider that silicone agents are necessary ingredients for the hair pack because they reduce frizz in hair ends and alleviate hair friction. The silicone agent in CHAIN hair pack is not a highly adsorptive type that is often used in waterproof cosmetics. Therefore, it is washed off through combined use with CHAIN hair soap that does not contain silicone agents.


  • How many days can the CHAIN series products be used?

    CHAIN Hair Soap (500 mL) and CHAIN Hair Pack (500 g) can be used for approximately four to five months.
    One push on a pump-type product produces approximately 3 cc.
    By dividing the volume with the number of pushes in one use, you can calculate the days you can use each product.
    Example: 500 mL / 2 pushes (6 cc) = approx. 83 times = approx. three months